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Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Nice Drive

The scenery was getting good and naturally there was nowhere to pull off the road.  I probably wouldn't have anyway as it was uphill and had a good head of steam going so I took a photo while driving.  Always good fun.

At the top there was a view point so I stopped.

I don't know what we were viewing since someone stole the sign.

One of the many pleasures of a road trip - diner road food.
A patty melt with Swiss cheese and onions on marbled rye bread.  "Mmm"

I missed my intended spot to camp from not paying attention.  Once I discovered my error we were down off the mountain and I had no desire to drive back up, so we continued on a another hour to this.

Sometimes mistakes turn out to be gifts.  We are at 7059' elevation and not hot as it was where we were.  Only thing is gusts of wind stir up the fine soil so everything is coated with a fine layer of dirt including RV, human and cat.

Beans Bulletin:  Once settled I put Beans on her lead.  Next time I checked she had slipped the harness over her head leaving it empty of cat.  I walked around to the other side of the RV and there she was so we walked a bit acting like all was well.  I finally got close to her and picked her up.  So I know she wont run away from me at least.  I may have to get a better harness for she's getting good at backing out of this one.  I'll tighten it up a bit more in the meantime.


s.c said...

Very nice surroundings and I am happy for you that Beans shows initiative but also stays at home. Very nice.

biebkriebels said...

The scenery is beautiful with those striped rocks. Naughty Beans, you can always try to have some fun, isn't it? I can imagine your heart made a jump to see the empty harness. Our cat does the same, she always stays in the backgarden but sometimes we can't find her and she doesn't react at all. Finally we find her somewhere hidden under a bush flat on the ground and just looking at us "anything the matter?

Karen said...

Such beautiful country...now, I've lost track...are you in Utah maye?