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Monday, May 29, 2017

Because It's There

One day I thought I would climb a nearby rocky hill.
Almost there.

Starting the climb.

I made it.
One out of focus photo as proof.

The view back towards camp.  
You can just barely see the Little House on the Highway in the upper right portion.
I didn't know there was a trail down there.  I used it on the return.

The only living thing on top, plus a few flies.

Looking down into the basin on the other side.

The only graffiti on the rocks, amazingly.
If it is 77 years old is it still graffiti?  I don't think so. 


  1. It's difficult to judge the scale of these places till I spotted the Little House on the Highway lurking in the distance. It's certainly a desolate place, but an oddly attractive one.

  2. Beans made a pretty picture of you! Had to enlarge the photo to find the Little House, Quite a distance in a remote area.

  3. I assume Beans decided to stay at home this time, or did you leave her in charge of the camera? Stunning landscape.


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