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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Craters of the Moon National Monument

This is where we've been.  No cell service there thus why no posts to the blog.
I was here some 30 plus years ago and as it goes, enough time has passed it
seemed like I this was my first time being here.  One of the very few nice
things about growing old I suppose.  You can revisit places and it is all new to you.

There is nothing much to see here but lots of lava and every type, shape
and form.  Lava is lava but it comes in many different form all of which
are given Hawaiian names which I will not try to pass on here.  I like
lava so I enjoyed all the walks and hikes through the various lava fields.

Amazing a tree could grow here.

The story about this now dead tree.

Very smooth lava which I didn't see much of.

Back to the Little House on the Highway.

Even flowering plants call the lava fields their home.


  1. A vulcanic area is interesting to see.

  2. Lava must be very nourishing for plants to look at the greens everywhere.

  3. I love that a tree grows there!

  4. What a wonderful place to visit.... the moon! And you didn't have to get shot into space in a scary rocket, just drive there in your Little House. The lava looks like chocolate icing on a cake.

  5. I can re-read old books and it's all new to me!

  6. I don't know that how to use these apps. Can you give me some suggestion through by your post.Thanks.


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