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Friday, August 4, 2017

Circus Comes to Town

We found our next camp in a nice peaceful setting high up in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming.

The first morning I went for a hike in the woods

 where a mile in it got pretty dense and I felt I had gone far enough

so I turned back.

Hmm...bears live here?

Back at camp I see this appeared while I was away!
Being they were horse people I assume they were setting up for some sort of rodeo.
Whatever the event we didn't stick around.

The highway east was a nerve-wracking 12 mile descent
and yes I was in first gear most of the time saving my brakes.

This is the view with a few miles yet to go so you can imagine how high we were at the beginning.

After that  needed a nice lunch to calm down by.
A Cowboy Burger at the Branding Iron Cafe.
Hey, it's Wyoming.


Shammickite said...

I'm excited to see these pictures as I went on the same road or at least similar steep road through the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming about 15 years ago between Ranchester and Lovell, and back again. It was very steep in both directions with places to stop and cool the brakes off. I was travelling with a friend who wanted to explore the Indian Medicine Wheel site. Fascinating place, and marvellous views from the top of those hills.
The lunch looks very yummy.

RedPat said...

That is quite a hill! Lunch looks good but deadly! ;-))

Billy Blue Eyes said...

That looks filling though I feel they are bing cheep giving you chrisps (chips) & no french fries (we call those chips)