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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Down Into the Badlands

Our camp is just outside the Park entrance where we can camp for free on the grasslands.
This is our view just across the dirt road separating camp form the edge of the plateau we are on.
Yeah, I like having the road between us and the edge.

The first day I just had to see if there was a way down into the Badlands.
See if you can find me in the following photos taken by my camp neighbor Angela.


It was windy and cool on the top when I began the hike but once down there
no wind and it began to get warm where here I have taken off my outer shirt.

Not zoomed in like some of the other photos which gives you an idea of the vastness 
but I am there, a speck in the very center.

Thank you Angela for these photos.


  1. Superb, just like me you had to investigate the badlands, spotted you in the last photo as well

  2. What an amazing alien landscape. You were very brave to go down into those bad lands, I bet it was quite a haul on the way back up.

  3. Wow - quite a walk! I'm glad someone knew you were heading down there!

  4. I LOVE the badlands. So peaceful and amazing. Glad you enjoyed it, too.


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