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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Highway 14

We over-nighted in Sheridan Wyoming then took a little road on the map which I felt might take us through some grasslands and maybe see some Pronghorn Antelope.

A rest stop in the very small town of Clearmont where at their city park was a 

Historical for what reason I don't know as nothing was written up about it.

I guess no one of any fame was ever incarcerated in the Clearmont Jailhouse.

The afternoon before a storm cell passed through which delivered 80 mph winds.
We caught the very edge of it while in Sheridan, but nothing of this magnitude.

As for the Pronghorn there were hundreds but only a few close enough to the road for a picture and only a few of those I was able to get the Little House on the Highway slowed to a stop in time.

Sorry Beans but Pronghorn are the fastest land mammal in North America.
You don't stand a chance.


  1. Historical just means "from the past" and in this case that means built as long ago as 1922! If someone famous had been incarcerated then it would be "historic" rather than "historical". Googling reveals that nobody famous was ever detained here, just some small-time bootleggers. So here we have a rare instance of the sign being grammatically as well as factually correct. A historic event in itself!

  2. Beans sees a lot of strange animals that my cat never has seen.

  3. Bans has her eye on them just in case! ;-)

  4. What a dreary jail. I guess that was the point!

  5. Good thing that there wasn't a sudden Clearmont crime wave, they's never be able to fit all the criminals in the jail at once.


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