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Sunday, August 6, 2017


Not too many miles past the photo of the Pronghorn Antelope the never-before-used spare tire blew.
Lesson learned:  A never-before-used tire that is nearly 10 years old is only good enough to get you to a tire shop.  This one lasted approximately 500 miles then gave way.  Thank goodness it didn't do so on that steep 8% downgrade.

Fortunately this ranch/homestead was within 100 yards of the incident
 and I was able to pull in off the highway.

Roadside service was called for this one as no way could I drive the remaining 26 miles into Gillette, Wyoming.  Funny thing was that the ranch had so many junked cars and trailers parked on it that Jonathon the truck driver passed us right on by not seeing the Little House on the Highway

Only when he started seeing pieces of the tire scattered along the road did he figure he had gone too far and called me. This is the new spare I bought in Idaho a week ago ready to be put into action.

Thankfully it was the tire was on the inside or all that fender could have been destroyed by the blast.
The only damage sustained was to the tool compartment to the left where the concussion was so great it caused a quart bottle of coolant to crack and leak out creating a nice mess to deal with the following day.  I'll take that over a severed brakeline or damage to the shock or air bag suspension.

$198 for a new tire so I guess that wood splinter over a week ago has now cost me around $470.


Shammickite said...

Gosh, that tire really exploded with a bang. As you said, the damage could be a lot worse. And this is the cost of living the high life on the road!

Karen said...

Sure glad it all worked out well for you guys. That really was good that it happened as it did....thank goodness for duolies (sp?) :) Here's to Happier Trails to follow....

Red said...

Somehow , I missed this post. It's not fun when a series of mishaps occur. You've purred along for a long time without a problem.

UplayOnline said...

this is the cost of living the high life on the road!

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