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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

On the Edge

Imagine you are in a canoe, kayak or inner tube floating along 

and all of a sudden you see this!

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is a sight to behold.

There was some pushing and shoving going on at the railing
while I took the above photos and I beat a hasty retreat.

I went for the high ground to watch the action thinking 
that for just the bump of an elbow there goes someone's smartphone flying. 
 I wondered how many there might be lying at the bottom of the falls.

I braved the throng for one more photo when the sun came out to capture the rainbow.

Somewhere, over the rainbow
way down there
lies someone's iPhone
they know not where.


  1. Well done on competing with the mass of people there. You managed some great photos especially the last

  2. As my grandmother once famously said, "Very nice, dear, but I'm sure more people would come if it weren't so crowded!"

  3. You caught some very nice photos and that last one with the rainbow is the best one.

  4. Spectacular waterfall, and what a view along the river canyon. I bet the roar of the water was really loud.

  5. You got some great pics despite the crowds!

  6. Spectacular pictures of a spectacular place! Yes, that second photo would be terrifying from a boat!

  7. I say yipeee! Imagine other things lost besides the iPhone. Like your only pair of glasses or favorite hat. Yikes.

  8. You caught some very nice photos and that last one with the rainbow is the best one.

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