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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Long Bow Arch

After viewing the dinosaur tracks you could continue on for 1.2 miles and view Long Bow Arch.  I continued on and up.  Shortly into the hike I came upon this.  "Oh this will be interesting."
I will say they were very useful on the way back when climbing down.

Finally the terrain leveled out. "Whew."

The trail was marked with these green splotches of paint which left a lot to your imagination as to where to look for the next splash of paint.  In fact I spent so much time concentrating on looking ahead for the next paint marking and not so much at the wonderful scenery.  And when the trail went through drifts of wind-blown sand there were no paint markings.  So I followed some faint footprints in the sand hoping that someone knew where they were going.

After awhile I was starting to grumble some as my shoes filled with sand and I kept losing the trail.  I was doing a lot of muttering to myself that this better be worth it.  I stopped to check my GPS and see how far I had gone.  It had died.  Low battery.  "Well that's just fine."  I went to get a drink of water and found my bottle less than half full.  I had forgotten to fill it before leaving.  "Well great!"  Off in the distance it looked I might be in for some rain.  "Wonderful."  More grumbling ensued.

I picked up the paint markings once again and silently thanked whoever left those footprints for not taking a wrong turn. The trail took me climbing up into another canyon.  "Just what I needed." 
I was down there not long ago.

And then the arch came into view.  "Well! Outstanding!" This was I was hoping for and I wasn't disappointed.  I suddenly picked up my pace as the excitement factor kicked in.

I don't mind telling you that standing underneath these things gives me the willies. 
 I didn't linger long.

On the way back the grumbling and sniveling had ceased and there was a bit of a bounce in my step as I was thinking about how glad I was that
I went for it all the way to the end and saw Long Bow Arch.


RedPat said...

Fabulous pics! You are much braver than me wandering around in the desert on your own!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Dead GPS and water running low... you had me worried there for a moment! You are seeing a part of the country that I've never visited and very much want to see. Thanks for sharing your experience!