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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Moab, Utah

This is the kind of scenery we had from our home site outside of Moab.

                                            On the other side flowed the Colorado River.

How can one do any better than this?

This area is popular with rock climbers.
Can you spot the woman way up there?

The campground we stayed at was named for Doc Williams
who had a long and interesting life.

Everywhere you looked was picture postcard wonderful.


  1. Amazing surroundings. I never understand people who want to climb a mountain...

  2. So beautiful. You are so lucky to be able to experience all these marvellous views!

  3. Yes, you can't beat that scenery! Doc Williams really beat the odds... quick Google search, average life expectancy for a male born in 1853 was 40!


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