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Friday, September 1, 2017

Morning Glory Pool, Yellowstone

I had vivid memories of this pool from when I was here back in the late 70's and so I walked on the few hundred yards just to see it again.  I recall it being pretty amazing but now it seemed a bit different from what I expected but then over the years one's memory isn't all that good as it once was.

Then I read the sign nearby.

This is what needs to happen to those idiots.

Better still there certainly must be a scalding hot deep pool somewhere off the boardwalk away from the visitor's view, one they could name Idiots Pool and there the Park Service can toss in those people who feel compelled to throw objects into the pools and geysers of Yellowstone National Park.  
Ah but that would eventually clog up just like Morning Glory Pool.

Just feed them to the bears!


  1. Yes mankind is the biggest polluter in nature. This is terrible....

  2. So the happy tourists who come to Yellowstone to see the beauty of nature, are spoiling it by chucking their garbage into the very things they have come to experience, SO STUPID! I agree, there should be an Idiot's Pool, but it should be bottomless so it will never get clogged up. And what is the point of throwing money into anything at all???? EVEN MORE STUPID!

  3. This always makes me so angry- some people will polute and polute and not give a rats's patootie...it's like they can't see past the end of their noses that they are poluting their own planet!

  4. An 'Idiot's Pool' sounds like a good idea!


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