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Thursday, September 21, 2017

North of Moab

We moved our home just outside of Moab to the north.
On the way we passed the entrance to Arches National Park.  Oh my goodness!
This is after we already passed a quarter of a mile as I fumbled to get the camera out for a photo.
That line is two lanes wide and the entrance kiosk still isn't visible to the left.
I sure was happy I didn't have any plan to go there.

This was our camp a few miles north of town.  The first day was fine.  The next day the winds came.  That's okay.  We can live with wind.  But here it picked up the ultra fine red dust from the Navajo Sandstone of the area and it was everywhere inside.  We moved further north the next day for the winds were to continue for the next three days.  But the places to stay were non-existent and we returned but across the highway from the dust bowl.

Although I have cell service (3 bars) I was unable to upload a single photo to the blog.  After trying for a half an hour I finally gave up.  Then at 'across the highway camp' I was able to get three pictures on at that was it.  No more.  We will move on again further west in Utah today.
Maybe the next place will allow me to post on the blog.

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biebkriebels said...

Amazing those long rows to the entrance of the parks, can't remember we had that years ago.