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Saturday, October 28, 2017


Owl Canyon, Barstow, California

On another day I went off to explore a neighboring canyon over the ridge from our home site.
Early on into the hike I came across this.

I never did see anymore numbered sign posts.  
There is nothing in the campground that says anything about a self-guided nature trail.
I see some of the strangest things on my walkabouts in the desert.

A view of the tremendous forces at work tilting the landscape.

Eventually the canyon narrowed to where there would be a bunch of  "bouldering" involved.  That's climbing over large rocks and I am not into that all that much in these years of my life, so I turned back.  Plus it would be just my luck another one of those huge slabs of rock may decided to come tumbling down from the cliff high above.


  1. Fantastic "western" landscapes. One can easily imagine the Lone Ranger and Tonto appearing over the crest of a hill.

  2. Impressive landscapes, that nr.2 is mysterious...

  3. Come with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear..... the Lone Ranger rides again!!!!!


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