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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Don't Crush the Brush

Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, CA.

Everyday I go for a hike in a different direction after Bean's concludes her morning lizard hunt.
This is just one of the many displays of the rock formations in this area.  What caught my interest here was how the rocks looked all squeezed together and the one big rock along the skyline neatly divided into four parts.

And this one here as is it were neatly fitted into an empty space.

All over various areas of the Alabama Hills are these little plastic wraps protecting new plantings.

Zoomed in on a hawk surveying his domain for a morning bite to eat.

 I reached the top of the ridge which afforded a view of the Owens Valley east of us.
Thanks to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Owens Valley is not the lush, green fertile valley which once had a vast lake within it a century ago.  Now it is an arid, wind-blown dust bowl home for a few thousand hardy souls living in four towns in the valley.


  1. A vast nothingness at first glance, but lots to see, like the interesting geology of the region.... and all those lizards that Beans is so keen on.

  2. Hard to believe there used to be steamships on Owens Lake!

  3. If you have time, check out the dirt road to Cerro Gordo Mine east of Lone Pine. Great ghost town with friendly caretaker at top of canyon. Go south from Lone Pine, take Hwy 136 east to Keeler. From Keeler take the Cerro Gordo Ghost Town Rd up to the ghost town. Check out the overhead gondolas they used for hauling out the ore.

  4. PS--it's VERY COLD up there. Here's the phone number for the ghost town.(760) 876-5030.


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