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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Fire Update - Friday evening

Friday, October 13.  

We knew today would not be a better day for high winds were to return Thursday evening and all day Friday.  The fire renewed itself and made for our neighborhood.  These images were of today from a friend who I don't know how she can be there as the evacuation order is still in effect.  The first two are at the east entrance to the neighborhood.  The last is Ledson Winery directly across Highway 12.  The fire retardant stopped the advance and the winds have died down some late in the afternoon.  One cannot thank the efforts of the fire fighters enough for all they do.  

We're still safe.  


  1. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time. I have friends in Santa Rosa too (very much in your neighbourhood from what you say) and while they are safe, they are very worried about their property. I'm amazed if people are ignoring the warnings to evacuate. Good luck.

  2. What frightening photos. I'm so glad you are safe. But such a worry about how long that situation will last.


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