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Monday, October 2, 2017

Meet Maude

I saw this bus go by camp one day and it caught my eye.  Why wouldn't it?
When we moved back to a previous camp it drove by us on the dirt road that evening.
The next day on my hike to go search out some more dinosaur tracks I stopped by for a visit.

This is Marissa and her little dog Beetle and what a nice dog it was.  No barking, growling or jumping up on me.  You know I am a cat person but if I had a dog, Beetle would fit the bill.
They had been on the road for two months and are still sorting things out.  That's the way it goes.  
For most everyone it takes a full year to really get things the way you want them.

I complimented her on the graphics which she told me was simply wrapping paper, glued on and given a protective coating of polyurethane I think is what she said.  She did all the outside herself.

Her brother who is a builder did the inside for her and wow, was it ever nice.  
The quality of build was some of the best I've seen.
My first impression was how spacious it was inside.
I would be very comfortable living in this.

Unfortunately I didn't ask as to how she came by her choice of vehicle and where she got it.
When I returned from my hike Marissa and Beetle were gone.
I have a feeling our trails will cross again someday.

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hart said...

Those Boston Terriers seem almost universally nice, well-mannered dogs.