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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Owl Canyon

Near Fort Irwin north of Barstow, California

I heard of this place while talking with my neighbors when at the Alabama Hills.  They were saying how great it was, especially at night with all the stars.  I kind of shrugged it off like I am going to remember.  But while driving along a few days later I saw it on the map and thought Oh that's the place Todd and Sophia were telling me about.  So we went there to check it out.

I drove through the campground and no one else was here.

We had the entire place all to ourselves.

Beans likes it when places we stay are like this.

It is a very nice campground with cement tables, shade structures, a fire ring 
and these fancy bar-b-que stands at each of the 31 campsites.
There is even a water faucet!  In the desert!  
Only it just dribbles out so you better bring your own water.

There are two playgrounds for the kiddies, 
a very uncommon attraction at most government campgrounds.

Most campgrounds of any sort have Camp Hosts.  They usually do it for the season and get to stay for free.  It's only costing me $3 a night (the old person's rate) to stay here.  I've talked with many camp hosts about this and they all enjoy doing it and really do not have to do all that much or even be around everyday.  This wouldn't work for me though as I like to always be on the move.  
But for those who live full time out of their RV it is an ideal arrangement.

There is lots to explore here as the area is rich with fossils and geology.  
The neighboring canyon is called Rainbow Canyon for all the different colored rock in it.

 And I might get to see one of these guys.

Now you may think Owl Canyon looks like a pretty desolate place.
It sure beats where we stayed the night before!


Billy Blue Eyes said...

Certainly looks like it was more interesting that the previous place. I like empty campsites

biebkriebels said...

Rather remote area, but you don't mind I know.

Shammickite said...

I laughed out loud when I came to the last picture!

RedPat said...

I would find it a bit scary out there all by myself!

Toc said...

Owl Canyon and Rainbow Canyon--two of our very favorite places. So glad you got to see it. We've been at the campground when every site is occupied and people are tenting down in the gully.