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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Beans and the Cholla Cactus

Our home site has an abundance of cholla cactus all around.  I was taking Beans for a walk and wasn't paying attention when before I knew it we were in the middle of a garden of cholla.  I could only hope that she would get through okay as she's pretty good around cactus.  But unfortunately she got a loose sticker in her paw.  

This made her loose her walk funny and soon had this ball of cholla got stuck on her back leg.  Of course I felt real bad for allowing us to get in this situation in the first place.  I picked her up and we went back inside the RV.  Now long ago she got a sticker in her foot and it wasn't a pleasant experience trying to get it out as she kept biting at me.  This time she laid on the table and was much better about the whole procedure.  Yeah, it hurt but she didn't take it out on me.  
I really believe she understands I am helping her.  

I got several thorns out from her feet and in doing so she jimmied her leg with that big ball on it.  The ball stuck to the back of my hand and came free from her fur.  Much better it be on me than her.  Yeah, these things hurt and they secrete a type of poison that makes it hurt long after the removal of the barbed thorn itself.  My hand was discolored for a few days with blood beneath the skin but all is well now and we stay well clear of cholla cactus now.


  1. Ouch indeed, the spines look lethal.

  2. Is it weird that I saw that and thought, “Holla!” (like how cool people say holler) It’s kinda weird.

  3. The poor thing! She may get to recognize cacti as things to avoid. Although no dog I ever had grew to recognize burrs and the mess they could cause to fur.

  4. Thank heavens we don't have any of those nasty things around here!


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