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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Could You? Did You?

Route 66, Arizona

I just couldn't think of writing on this neat old Volkswagen bus.
Could you?

The Happy 90th I suspect was for the 90th anniversary of Route 66.
It was established November 11, 1926 so that was just last year.

There are probably a few ladies who remember washing clothes in a machine like this.
My grandmother had one and she was always afraid I'd get my fingers caught in the ringer.
Did you?


Billy Blue Eyes said...

Awesome but how could they do that to a Bay, should be cherished and driven

biebkriebels said...

We had no washingmachines, my mother did everything by hand and later took it to the "wasserette" (laundry facilities)

Shammickite said...

We had a red and white VW bus for a long time, her name was Polly. She finally met her ebd in a ditch, poor thing.