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Friday, November 10, 2017

Old, Old Route 66

Our next camp after leaving the town of Seligman was I found on the original path of Route 66.  I had taken a "gravel" road down from Route 66 which I had been following to this secluded camp.

Some research revealed the route came this way and what I thought was gravel was the remains of the old asphalt highway.  Here you can see a few chunks still intact.

While taking Beans for a walk we discovered the perfect spot to pull in for a camp, completely enclosed within the shade.  It was only big enough for a car or truck.
The Little House on the Highway would not fit.

Inside was this.  Some idiot left all their trash hanging in the tree!  
The bags contained mostly empty water bottles.

Well the "idiot" returned later that afternoon in a small red pick-up, with no camper.  He looked a little scary so I kept to my part and he to his.  Hopefully when he left for good he would take his trash with him.  I certainly wan't about to go over there and suggest that to him!


biebkriebels said...

Why would he hang it outside? Empty waterbottles don't smell?

Shammickite said...

I suppose he left the bags on the tree as a marker that this particular camp site was taken while he was away. Hopefully he took them with him when he left.
Good thing to be wary of scary people.... as my grandson would say - Stranger Danger!

RedPat said...

I'd be nervous out there with just him for a neighbor!