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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Taters and Beans

Whenever someone approaches the RV Beans runs off to a secure spot inside.  If we are outside, she usually wants in as fast as possible.  Then occasionally if outside, she'll just hunker down and is real still.  Well on this morning's walk none of the usual behavior occurred as this old guy and his dog came up the road.  Beans walked right up to them and to say I was shocked is an understatement especially considering this is the first dog she's ever encountered.

You can tell Taters isn't too happy about meeting Beans.
"Just make it go away, please"

Beans eventually gave up and walked away much to Taters' relief.  
Taters was a really neat dog, never barked but did give off a slight growl.

To look at the first photo Beans appears to be almost as big as Taters.  I've had cats all my life and I cannot begin to count them all.  But I really believe Beans is the biggest cat I have ever had.
You just gotta love the title to this post.


  1. You could really do with a "sausage-dog" to complete the meal.

  2. She looks curious, but her tail is low, she is on guard...:)

  3. Love John's comment above! The meeting of two old guys and their travelling companions.... neat!

  4. It's nice that her first dog was a small one!

  5. I too was thinking Beans looks bigger than Taters... poor Taters wouldn't stand a chance! Oh, and yes, love the title.


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