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Friday, December 22, 2017

Beans and the Siberian Huskie

(photo off the Internet)
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The other day this hippy girl came by with her dog and Beans wanted to meet the dog.  But the dog was all too "aggressive" pulling on its leash with all the girl could do in holding it back.  Beans didn't back down an inch.  "Oh, so that's how you want to be?  Come on, show me what you got!"  
Beans took her sideways arched back stance, fur up on her back and tail all fluffed out.  The girl was genuinely afraid for her dog.  "Well, that went real well" I said and we both went our ways.
I was so proud of Beans.


  1. Beans is clearly braver than me! Reminds me of the big cat we had on the farm. It just didn't budge till dogs got right up to it, then it gave a sudden swipe with a paw leaving a neat row of scratches across the would-be assailant's nose.

  2. Well done Beans! You show 'em what's what! Those Siberians may look fierce but they are no match for a fluffed up cat armed for battle.

  3. We had a cat like that - he wouldn't back down from anything! Good for Beans!

  4. Beans, aka Miss Sassypants. :) That poor husky wouldn't stand a chance!

  5. I got behind following my favourite posts but I have eventually caught up with yours. I think Beans is a little darling, she is pretty and brave. I think Sinbad would have liked her. Sinbad will always hold a special place in your heart but Beans has her place there too. I hope you have lots of fun and adventures together. Best wishes for a happy Christmas.
    I hope the white cat found a home.
    Long Bow Arch looks impressive
    My go to junk food is Macdonald’s.

  6. A funny story: My BIL came to visit bring his husky. He casually said, "BTW, Miko doesn't like cats." We had three, one for each kid. He promptly let the dog out of the car and it lit out after our Mosey. That cat immediately doubled in size, stood up on his hind legs and ran at the dog slashing and clawing. The dog ran away. Before his visit was done, the dog had attacked our youngest child. I beat it off with a coffee carafe. I threw (yep) the dog in the garage and when he got back from where ever he had gone with my husband, I told him that dog was to be tied for the rest of their stay and that if he ever brought it to my house again, I'd kill it myself.

    He got mad and left early. His dog would never harm a flea.


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