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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Where is Everybody?

This time last year there were a lot more people camping here for the winter. Many times more than what I have seen since arriving here in the Quartzite area of Arizona a month ago.  

Last week I needed to move, just for the sake of moving, so drove a hundred miles south to Yuma, Arizona.  I went to the same place as last year where I hiked around near the border of Mexico finding all the articles cast off by those crossing the border.  This time I only found this pair of shoes.  It's mate is in the distance in the upper right corner.

And a sweatshirt.  
Not my size.

Yuma was even deader than Quartzite so after a few days we went back up north.
Pretty sad when there is nothing to take a picture of but helicopters flying overhead.


  1. Are the helicopters patrolling the border to control illegal immigration?

    1. They are just military helicopters on training out from a nearby air base. Border Patrol copters are smaller, all white with a double green stripe.


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