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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Beans and Her Banana

When I adopted Beans and asked how old she was the guy said "About a year and half".  He didn't know.  So I backed up the time frame to select a day as her "birthday" and picked January 9.  So for Beans' "birthday" she got a new catnip filled banana.  I kept it stored outside in a compartment until that morning.  She was still in bed when I brought it in and set it on the counter.  Instantly her nose started twitching, she jumped down, sniffed around, looked up then jumped up on the counter.  
It took less than a minuet.  It was uncanny.

I cut it loose from the board and the fun began.

I'm not comfortable with her birthday date and have decided to treat the day I adopted her as her birthday from now on.  She'll be getting a new banana April 9th.


biebkriebels said...

That is a happy cat!

Polly said...

ahh bless her, she is lovely.

RedPat said...

Our cat loved catnip too and would go crazy and then collapse, exhausted!

Anonymous said...

Cats on catnip are hilarious. I don't know my dog's birthday. When I got her, the vet estimated that she was between 12-14 weeks old, so we celebrate the day we got her - October 9th. We call it her dogaversary. So happy cataversary when that comes up.

Shammickite said...

Lucky Beans, just like the Queen, a real birthday and an official birthday. So neat to see Beans really enjoying her banana.

hart said...

Some cats love it, I've had ones that are suspicious of it, as if their mothers warned them off.