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Sunday, January 21, 2018


My neighbor gave me this Native American style flute.  It is left unfinished so that one can finish it as to how they would like.  I have sanded it real smooth and will get some oil for the finish rather than a stain or polyurethane coating.  Then all I have to do is tie the small dark wood block to the flute with the rawhide strip provided and I can then begin to annoy my neighbors.


  1. I know from experience that cats do not appreciate the melodic tones of a mouth organ, but maybe the flute will be to Beans's liking (?)

  2. "...and I can then begin to annoy my neighbors."


  3. That made me laugh - 'Begin to annoy your neighbours'. Following on from John's comment, I wonder how Beans will react.

  4. I hope you'll record some of your musical moments, and play them back to us via the blog.

  5. What a nice gift. We had a cat that had a love-hate relationship with recorder playing, seemed to cause pleasure that got to be too much.

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