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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Joe's Van

My ex-neighbor (I've since moved) from New York had this really nice little van set up for camping.  He brought the truck new and the back part was empty bare metal walls.  This is what he and his brother a woodworker created.

Looking in from the side doors.  All of the wood in this project was harvested from his property except for the paneling.  The bathroom holds a composting toilet and his shower.  
He is 5'8" tall and can stand up straight inside his camper van.

The kitchen area holds a butane cook stove and sink.  
The wood on the end flips up for a table giving more counter space when preparing meals.

 A close-up look at the wood and finishing touches.

 I liked that brass water pump from a boat.  Very classy. 

Looking in the back doors another view of the beautiful wood used.  The finished shelf support is from a grape vine.  Stupid me failed to get a photo standing back where you can see the table with two bench seats against the sides facing each other.  The table drops down to seat level, the seat cushions laid flat and his bed is ready.

These next two pictures show more wood usage for attaching gear.  In doing up the post I noticed places for windows yet from the outside view there never were windows.  Interesting.  If I go back over to that street and Joe is home I'll get a photo of the table/bed and ask about this window thing.

The metal on the bottom is to place under the tires in getting stuck situations.  Above is a cellular booster antenna he can extend to pick up weak cell signals.  I have one and a big thank you to Joe in helping me sort out some problems I had with mine.  
No fault of the device, simply owner/operator error.

You can just barely see his shade structure off the side door in this shot.
Another failure on my part.  Okay, I was distracted by the craftsmanship and beauty of the wood.  
That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

A side note on this is when Joe left home for the RTR five feet of snow had just fallen in two days blowing in off of Lake Erie near where his cabin is.  He had to plow the snow away with his big pickup truck just to go the quarter mile out onto the road and begin his journey to Arizona.


Billy Blue Eyes said...

Wow that is real hillbilly stile, all that rubbish he fitted must have added some serious weight to the van, you could make it far better with some of the stuff we use in the UK making our vans up

biebkriebels said...

It is what we call here a "tiny house" I like all the wood and the organized way of putting everything away.

Shammickite said...

Well planned and executed, making the van a mobile house on wheels. It seems such an exciting life, to be a nomad wandering around America.

Polly said...

It's definitely a man van.

vaiybora said...

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