A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sun Cat

It has been five weeks we've been here outside of Erhenburg, Arizona near the border with California.  It is time to move on to someplace new and get some groceries along the way.
Wherever we go it won't be far.  Not that many warm places in the U.S. right now.


  1. If there was an afterlife I would want to come back as a cat with a loving owner. She is one happy lady.

  2. Looks like some really interesting "stuff" on the dashboard, including that warm kitty. The dark patches on her fur must really absorb the heat.

  3. Beans likes it here I see, nice warming up!

  4. Stay cozy...you are right most places are like a freezer out there. Happy New Year to you and your sweet Kitty.

  5. There aren't any warm places in Canada right now!


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