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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

So-so Camp Outside of Tucson, AZ.

This is a small parcel of BLM free camping land just outside the city limits of Tucson.
It's okay for a day or two but I wouldn't want to stay the full 14 days here, although it appears that some are doing just that.  You can see the Little House on the Highway at about 11 o'clock near the road.  This is our second spot.

Our first spot was right where that large tree is in the center by the intersection.  There was some traffic noise but not bad.  We went into Tucson to shop and then came back to it but someone pulled in with a dog that they made no effort to keep quiet so we moved to the above photo spot.  Less traffic noise and wouldn't you know it, after we moved dog barker people left.  The tent camper to the left is a girl who plays with her hula hoop.  To the right are some hippy-dippy people who were having issues with their RV.  No plates on it as they must have just bought it along with all of it's problems.

Our first spot

had this nice shady spot to set up a tent in.


Shammickite said...

Nice blue sky. When you first arrive at the camp site, do you have to say how long you intend to stay? I assume 14 days is the limit?

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

No you do not and yes in most cases it is a 14 day limit then you must move at least 25 miles away. Don’t ask if I move that far. 😸