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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Fierce Wind

Lake Meredith
Sanford, Texas

On our second day at the lake the wind was in full force.  The weather app showed gusts up to 
50 mph could be expected.  I stood out in it with my wind gauge long enough to record 43 mph and came back inside.  The Little House on the Highway would sometimes rock back and forth enough to almost slosh liquid out from the cup I was drinking from.  Beans didn't like going outside.  I didn't like going outside.  The next day was to be calm and peaceful.  I was looking forward to that so as to cook in the Dutch oven among other outdoor activities.  After that day the forecast was a string of four to five days of high wind.  We couldn't accept being trapped like that.  So we sadly left Lake Meredith many days before we had planned.  We simply must get out of the Texas panhandle to avoid these high gale force winds.  Our anticipated calm peaceful day was spent driving...south.

On the way we stopped here in Amarillo, Texas.  Oh this was such a treat that I forgot all about having to leave the lake when we didn't want to.  I took nearly 100 photos inside the museum and will spread out the posts of it over time in between the regular travel posts.  So stay tuned.

On the way I saw this sign out front of the elementary/middle school complex.  Who would ever have thought that at some time our society would breakdown to this level in our lifetimes?  I commend the school district to take the action in safeguarding their students.  Unfortunately, most of these shooters go in with a death wish so this isn't going to deter them much in my opinion.

She did it again.  
Really, how can this possibly be comfortable with your head pointed straight up?
She was in this position for several miles.


biebkriebels said...

Sweet Beans :) That sign is awfull, what world do they live in?

Shammickite said...

Something definitely needs to be done about the USA guns issue. Too many shootings and too easy to get guns and ammunition. And too many shooters with a death wish.
That's a very strange position for Beans to be in while sleeping. Perhaps she enjoys the vibration she can feel from the movement of the vehicle.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Guns in school? The strangeness and impracticality of the idea is only rivalled by Beans' idea of comfortable sleeping position.