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Monday, May 21, 2018

1935 Triangle-shaped Sinclair Service Station

Snyder. Texas

I just about didn't go to see this one but boy I sure am glad I made the effort.

This station is situated on a small triangle-shaped piece of land where two roads meet.

You can get a pretty good idea how small and narrow this little service station is.

Very nicely restored.

The largest part of the building is the restroom.

The owner's little office is part of that large backside.

Now, can you recall 10 cent soda vending machines?

 Yes, I can remember paying 25 cents for gas although that was during the gas wars of the 60's so it wasn't a standard price for gasoline at the time.  More like that 45 cents like at the previous station.

These prices are a bit before my memory.

The attention to detail was great at this station with an inner tube in the clamps being patched.

Not paying attention to where I was walking I stepped on the hose and the clanger rang inside.  It was loud, startled me and the memory of that sound came flooding back.
Such were the good old days.


  1. If one really want. Everything is possible. I like this series about gas stations.

  2. Hmm..weird...and a dinosaur!

  3. This is terrific. Nice to see the gas station restored in such good shape. Could you actually get gas there?

    1. Cannot get gas at these old stations. Surely there are rules and regulations that don't meet today's requirements.

  4. That is wonderful! Is there an entrance fee for viewing or is it sponsored by the town?

    1. No fee, just there to see and enjoy. Most likely a project by someone who bought the property.

  5. Last time I had a flat fixed was about 3 years ago, for $20, and they said the price was going up soon. Amazing to see such inflation in my own lifetime. I worked at an Esso station for a while right after high school, and I remember the old Sinclair stations.

  6. What a great little place. I can remember my father driving into (we call them petrol stations in the UK) and a bell would ring to let the attendant know someone wanted serving.


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