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Friday, May 25, 2018

New State - New Mexico

Bosque Redondo Lake
Fort Sumner, New Mexico

With the air conditioner working fine and a happy cat on my lap we crossed over the state line into New Mexico leaving Texas in our rear view mirror. Texas you were fun but you were getting too warm.  Sinbad and I were in Fort Sumner seven years ago to see the graves of Billy the Kid.  There is a fake grave and a real grave and even at that they are not sure the "real grave" contains the remains of the Kid.  A couple years after he was buried a flash flood ripped through the graveyard removing most of the wood grave markers, so no one knew who was where for sure.  At any rate, seen it once and Beans couldn't care any less so we just relaxed for the week.

Our backyard listening the the constant blackbird and grackle chatter.

The front yard.  The tree would cast a shadow on us late in the day when it was pretty warm.

The neighborhood.  
We never had any campers anywhere in the small area around the lake.  
Just some fishermen every once in awhile.

After this we moved north to Santa Rosa Lake State Park.  Seems that I didn't take any pictures while there for the one day and night.  It wasn't all that remarkable except for the showers that were included in the $10 camp fee.


  1. Nice sky in that last photo. The camp sites look fairly empty. But I am sure they get busier once the school term ends.

  2. It's surprising that you had the place to yourself!

  3. Haven't been by your blog for a while.
    I can't wait to see what you find in New Mexico.
    Love your travelogue.


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