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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Pickup Truck Bed Stonehenge Recreation

Stamford, Texas

Not all of these oddball sites are as they are billed.  I've been disappointed before after driving miles out of my way to see certain sites and this one failed...miserably. 

More like some religious cult.
Church of the Holy Mag Wheel

Nearby a spider with an Isetta body

Now here is a great place!
Seen in another old dried up town that we passed through.

Boy I tell you, I could fill this blog with countless posts of 
vacant, desolate, dead Main Streets of small town America we have driven through.


  1. Yep big fail and the cross lends nothing to it, spider is interesting though

  2. Someone had the brilliant idea, weird though it may be, and spent lots of time and energy and money to create this. And all I can do is ask "WHY?"
    It's rather sad that there are many Main Streets that look abandoned and empty like this one. I've driven along a few, mostly in towns that used to thrive but have been bypassed by a newer highway.

  3. Sad about all the dead Main Streets, but that's a great storefront!

  4. If only Neolithic man had some old trucks they could have saved themselves a lot of trouble dragging big rocks around.

  5. It is incredibly sad that small town America is disappearing.

  6. I like the look of John's Place. Yes, sad about small town America, and I'm not sure I understand all the reasons behind it.

  7. Hmm...that is a little bit weird!


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