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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Red Dawn

Las Vegas, New Mexico

Red Dawn is a 1984 movie starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.  It is about a group of teenagers in the fictitious small town of Calumet, Colorado who ban together to defend their town from an invasion of Soviet forces  Its a good movie and I would like to see it again.  It was filmed in New Mexico, part of which in Las Vegas.  The welcoming sign still exists to this day.  Just imagine the time and effort to create this sign all for a just few seconds of movie film. 

Although Las Vegas is a bit larger than most small towns we pass through (it's big enough to have a Walmart) I am happy to say Main Street is alive and well in Las Vegas.  This isn't Main Street but it does give a taste to the well persevered old architecture there is in this community.


  1. A nice sign to be left as a reminder of the town's brief period of fame. A friend of mine worked for the BBC as a stage carpenter and once built a huge staircase for a "Christmas special" - the host ran down it at the start of the show then it was seen no more!

  2. I remember that movie! Funny to think of it now. So much has changed.

  3. Ah, a taste of "the other" Las Vegas! I wonder how many LVs there are across the USA?
    Someone needs to weed the sidewalk.

  4. That funny... I wonder if any tourists driving through ever get confused by the Calumet sign?


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