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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Restored 1935 Sinclair Service Station

Albany, Texas

I enjoy finding these old service stations

I like that price and can remember paying that and even less.
That's how old I am.

Next door was this metal work of a Texas Longhorn.
There were lights inside so I bet it looks nice at night.

Across the street the County Courthouse was getting some restoration work done.
How would you like to be way up there in the Texas sun?


  1. It's like the kids movie Cars come to life. I love the old gas pump with the flippy numbers. :)

    I would not want to be up there in the Texas sun. That is serious heat I bet. Hope they have water!

  2. Someone has made an excellent job of restoration. I don't think anyone ever restores similar buildings in the UK though you do see an occasional old pump.

  3. What a fabulous old scene that is!


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