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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

RV Museum - 1

Jack Sisemore RV Museum
Amarillo, Texas

First RV to see if you stick to the left when walking is a 1967 VW Bus.

Because as the way it is parked one cannot see inside all that well.
No restoration done to this obviously.

Next, a small Bambi Airstream Trailer

You pretty much see it all standing in one spot inside.

This one is a cutie.
Click on the image to read to sign easier.

I just love the wood interior.

The scrub board was a nice touch. 
 I'll stick to laundromats myself.

More to come.


  1. We call Trailers Caravans over here in the UK and that last one looks a bit like a TAB of the forerunner of it. Love that old splitty in the first photo

  2. Ahhhh what a great VW bus, mine was red and white and called Polly. She carried everything including bags of horse feed, piglets and even a calf. My son and DIL have a trailer (caravan) and they camp with their children and the dog many summer weekends.

  3. I love these old campers, so much more humane that the mile long things one sees now.

  4. Something spooky going on here...so many people drive into a filling station in Amarillo, Texas, then mysteriously all that remains are their camper vans. Their occupants are seen no more though Mr Sisemore keeps all the evidence and explains it away as "a museum". Meanwhile the stunning Mrs Sisemore seems to have found the secret of eternal youth. If I'm not mistaken, Dr Watson, we've stumbled upon an example of Western Gothic of the first rate.

    1. John, you've outdid yourself this time. Well done!

    2. ah ha, good detective work John... :-)

  5. The Airstream is so sweet but I couldn't live in it, just a bit too small.


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