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Thursday, May 3, 2018

RV Museum - 2

Jack Sisemore RV Museum
Amarillo, Texas

You will notice as we tour the museum the attention to detail in staging inside out and outside.

That is a regular household stove and oven.

This was a standard refrigerator as you would have in your home.

Notice the hanging bunk overhead.

Lighting and contrast was a challenge in taking photos inside.
They'll get better as we go along.


  1. I'm sure I would not want to tow that looks way heavy

  2. Gosh this is gorgeous inside! I'd happily go camping in this lovely motor home. But I'd rather not spend the night in that hanging bunk, doesn't look too safe! I wonder if Max went camping very often.

  3. After 20 years living aboard a 48 foot boat in Waikiki, I can appreciate the palatial Airstream!

  4. Now this one I like, I like the bike too.


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