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Monday, May 7, 2018

RV Museum - 4

Jack Sisemore RV Museum
Amarillo, Texas

Here it is, my first RV.
Looked exactly like this except with green accent paint.
We called it The Box as it was shaped like one.

Ours was a 1976 but little change was made in the first few years.

Imagine green shag carpet and avocado green
stove, counter top and table.

No change here.

The wood was darker so as to brighten it up we painted the walls an off white and added wallpaper for that like home touch. I took out that headboard cabinet to the left and then a queen sized futon mattress fit in perfectly.  The top cabinets folded down as a bunk bed.  We left it down but used it for storage.

Recovered the seats in a light tan leather-like material.
We ripped out the carpeting and put in a flooring similar
 to this for easy cleaning.

Boy, this sure was nice to see.  
The memories all came back.

Also ours had a Chevrolet motor, and may have been a replacement motor, not sure.

We had some great travels in The Box but I wouldn't give up what I have now to have it back.
Even though I could fix anything that went wrong with it unlike The Little House on the Highway, this one is much more comfortable, easier to drive and gets better fuel mileage.
Plus it doesn't attract attention either as did The Box.


  1. How nice to relive all those happy journeys you had in The Box. It looks really comfortable.

  2. What a lovely trip down memory lane recalling great times.


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