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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

RV Museum - 5

Jack Sisemore RV Museum
Amarillo, Texas

These Tear Drop style trailers are currently enjoying a rebirth 
with several companies producing them once again or variations of the style.

Most of this new generation of trailers are slightly larger and have the kitchen inside.

There was another couple with me enjoying the museum and they were excited to see this one just as I was the previously shown Winnebago Brave for this was their first RV.
The top half slides down for travel.

Again, that avocado green that was so in fashion during the 70's.


  1. The teardrop is basic and to the point no frills. but I see Winnebago mad a pop up caravan then

  2. I love that teardrop, so ingenious with that kitchen in the back!

  3. My kitchen was all avocado green back in the 70s. And my washroom was harvest gold!

  4. The teardrop model reminds me of a chuck wagon, with the kitchen on the back.


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