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Friday, May 11, 2018

RV Museum - 7

Jack Sisemore RV Museum
Amarillo, Texas

I don't have much to say with these so just look and enjoy.

Okay, here I do have a story.  See that ice box to the right of the croquet set?  We had one like that.  We were tent camping and had gone to the ranger campfire talk.  When we returned to camp in the dark our ice chest was missing.  We learned from the rangers that kids would steal ice chests left out, take them into the woods and rifling through them looking for beer.  So we lost all our cold food in addition to the ice chest.  It didn't keep ice or things all that cold anyway.

Okay, I have a coffee pot exactly like that one that I still use
but just to heat up water in to wash my hair in the mornings.


  1. No words to explain the beauty of them. Nice to see everything compress in a small area:)

  2. Looks like this RV Museum held many happy memories for you! It must be a fairly large place to hold all those big vehicles. My son and DIL and 3 kids and the dog have gone camping to a Provincial Park in their trailer this weekend, sadly the weather is a little chilly but they'll have fun anyway.


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