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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Statuary of Munday

City Park
Munday, Texas

I thought these were worth stopping for.
No information as to who made them.
The plaques just said who they were in memory of or dedicated to.

Long toes

I liked this one.

The boy on the right is holding a frog.

This kid will grow up to be a veterinarian.
What? No kitty cats!

The ropes were of metal cable and she did swing when given a push.


  1. Such charming figures. Cats are far too smart to let anyone with a stethoscope anywhere near them!

  2. These are very special sculptures, zo nice!

  3. Strange that there would be no indication of the sculptor. And where are all the people of the town? The park is completely empty. Perhaps is was a really hot day and they were all staying in the shade?

  4. These are lovely, I like the green patina parts. Amazing there has been no vandalism.


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