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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Bridge

West of Taos
New Mexico

We left Taos and was driving along the high plains country when all of a sudden the world dropped away from beneath us.  Let me tell you, that gets your attention!

It is the seventh highest bridge in the U.S.

The span is 1280 feet.

 There was a rest area right next to it where travelers could stop, get out of their vehicles and take in the jaw dropping view.  Vertigo set in.

Finally I relaxed and enjoyed the scene.


This was unexpected and there were several of these stationed at various points.
I did some research and learned there is an average of 2 suicides off the bridge each year.

Not me!  I'd be too scared to jump.


  1. Scary place up that high. But the views are pretty spectacular. I would love to see how those dare devils constructed the bridge in 1966! Yikes!

  2. I suspect that anyone falling from there would sustain more than "injuries and accidents".

  3. I have the same feeling fear of heights, no way to jump down!

  4. What a spectacular sight! I think if someone jumps off that bridge it would be very messy. Better call the hotline and change your mind.


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