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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Want a Dog?

Lamesa, Texas

It is warm, a Texas kind of warm.  In the 90's most everyday and we're slowly making our way northwest to the higher elevations.  This was another one of those great little city park camp areas that I love to find as they are free.

This one was out of the ordinary as they even provided hook-ups - electricity and water - plus a dump station all for free. That is what that big RV is doing, dumping their tanks.

They were a young couple from Florida and I had seen them out walking their dogs earlier.  Two large dogs and 3 or 4 puppies.  Good grief!  It must be like a dog kennel inside.  Well I found out they had found the puppies there, abandoned and the guy wanted to know if I wanted one as a travel companion.  "Sorry, I travel with a cat."  He said the two big dogs are theirs plus they have two cats also.  Can you imagine?  They were going to take the puppies to the local shelter.


  1. All pets must be on a leash, the sign says. A bit harsh on budgerigars and goldfish.

  2. I assume that there are no bathroom facilities at these town campgrounds, so you have to use the bathrooms in your RV. No tent camping.
    I hope the puppies are adopted into good homes.


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