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Monday, July 2, 2018

Oh Canada!

Rainy River
Border of Canada and U.S.
Frontier Landing, Minnesota

Some may wonder what I do to pass the time away.
Here for example I sat on the picnic table and watched the big tractor mow the grass.
It was kind of cute in that his wife/girlfriend was sitting alongside of him in the cab
just spending the day together mowing grass.

Canada is on the left. 

Here it is on the right.
That is pretty calm waters.
Not a hint of wind to stir up the surface.

I zoomed in on the Canada home.

I saw these pink flowers while taking Beans for a walk.

I asked these three girls what they were.
"Lady Slippers.  They are the state flower."
I liked that name.

Later, not trusting my memory I looked them up to be sure I had the name right.
Well, come to find out they are an orchid and somewhat a rare find for their numbers have decreased due to loss of habitat.  So I felt quite fortunate in seeing them.

On one walk Beans heard something in the tall grass near the flowers and jumped in to get it.
She comes out with a grass snake in her mouth!  Good grief!  I made her drop it and firmly told her NO! several times holding her while the snake make good its escape back into the grass.
Geeze, how do I teach her not to mess with snakes?!

I had thought we'd stay here a couple of days at least but the first night in bed I spent over an hour eliminating mosquitoes buzzing around me!  Even Beans was after them in other parts of the RV. 
Well, enough of that.  We need to get away from the waters. 

Mosquitoes.  The only thing in this world that makes you appreciate flies more.


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Red said...

Hey, that close to Canada and you didn't come to visit us! Just cross over that border and visit. You'll be welcome.

Cloudia said...

Beans looks FINE! What a nice post and such mesmerizing photos too.