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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Rosie The Riveter Park

St. Albans 
West Virginia

What a find.  I almost passed on this opportunity.  There were four big campers in the four slots this park provides.  I hung out for a while in the main park then walked on down and discovered this spot in the shade.  No hook-ups but then I don't need hook-ups.  I snagged the spot right away.  
We could stay for 2 days here for free.  What a view!

I could sit and watch the river barges go by all day.  

I learned that these are called tow boats.  Talking with some locals they said the river, Kanawha River, isn't all that deep.  Maybe 20 feet of so.  The tow boats churn up the bottom leaving a silty wake.

There are lots of pleasure craft too going back and forth.  Pontoon boats are popular.

This house across the waters in Nitro is for sale.  Four bedrooms, 4.5 baths on .75 acre.  I asked what a house like that would be priced at.  She told me around $400,000.  I about fell out of my chair!  Back home $400,000 would only get you a two bedroom clapboard shack.

It may be a hard sell though with a scrap metal yard as a neighbor.  Then there are the train tracks outside your back door with freight trains laying on the horn the entire way as they pass through.

Down stream are these.  I asked about them too. Are they like house boats and people live on them?  That would be so cool as the Kanawha empties into the Ohio River which connects with the Mississippi River.  Just think of the possibilities!  Well she said no, you cannot live on a boat on the river.  A few years back a house boat got wiped out by a barge in heavy fog and so a law was made.  She didn't know if that applied to everywhere but it does on West Virginia waters.
So this means these boats are pleasure craft to the homeowners up the bank.


Billy Blue Eyes said...

Very nice place to say and a nice memorial

Polly said...

Very interesting John, and what a lovely place to stay.