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Saturday, July 7, 2018

RV/MH Hall of Fame

Elkhart, Indiana 

I had the RV/Motorhome Hall of Fame on my list of places I'd like to visit for quite a few years now.  I finally made it.  Added bonus was we could park overnight there too.

I didn't take a bunch of pictures as I did before at the other RV Museum in Amarillo, Texas.  Pretty much of the same neat old trailers and campers.  But when I saw this, I knew it was blog worthy.

The couple found this 1977 GMC in a field overgrown with weeds,
 critters living inside and in general disrepair.
Rather than restore it, they decide to modernize it with all the features
 and comforts of today's motorcoaches.
This includes the engine, drive train, suspension and more.
If I am not mistaken these were built upon the Cadillac Eldorado and Oldsmobile Toranado chassis, front wheel drive with a 455 cubic engine.  That was the big deal back then.
Just look at those headlights.

There didn't seem a budget to be met either. 
 Its estimated $500,000 dollars (that's a half a million my friends) was spent in fixing up this RV.  
$100,000 alone went into that paint job!
That is a power assist awning.  Notice the vertical tail lights.  
A lot of custom body work was done.

All leather interior.
Louvered shades.  Probably power operated.
Nothing inside is as it originally was except for the general configuration.

Fancy bathroom.
Who knows what added conveniences there are in the bath area.
I was too overwhelmed to notice.

That is the toilet there so I don't know what they had in mind with all this counter space.

Wine bar with a wine cooler to the lower left.
Flat screen TV above.
The pantry around the turn.

You can see the ultra nice refrigerator/freezer to the right.
However long it took to build this beauty it was now time to take it on the road and travel in style.
Okay, are you ready for this?

They didn't like how it rode on the highways and roads so they donated it to the museum!
I got nauseated and my knees got weak when I read that!!!
Believe me, I see these GMCs out on the road every once in awhile.  They drive now like they drove back in the 70's.  People still enjoy them just how they were when the factory made them. 
Boy, would I ever like to meet the couple who wasn't happy with their creation!
Didn't like how it rode... Give me a break!

 I saw this photo on the wall.  You know how I like to go find this sort of thing.  This is Tampa, Florida and I doubt I will ever go back to Florida so this is as good as it gets.


Toc said...

It's only money!

Karen said...

Oh my....its all about the ride, I guess :) Btw, I heard that those up-ended Airstreams were removed a few months ago....the RV store is still there, tho. We drove by those last Spring while visiting a friend in Lakeland...pretty fun to see.