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Monday, July 23, 2018

The Mad,Mad,Mad Run

Missouri, Kansas, Colorado

We were faced with some long days driving to escape the heat and humidity.  It was our best option as with the air conditioner going and a fan running we were comfortable all the way, Beans on my lap the entire time.  Much better than sitting and suffering. We got on U.S. Highway 50 which was a straight shot across the states.  I've done 50 across Utah and Nevada (The Loneliest Highway in America) so now I could add this portion to my map of routes taken.  Kansas was cookin'.  
Nearly the entire stretch across the state each town was pushing 100 degrees. 
At least their humidity was much less. 

As we passed through Kinsley, Kansas I caught a glimpse of this sign.  I had to go back.  I don't know how many laws I broke doing a U-turn through a construction zone on Hwy 50 but I was determined. 
So this is cool. 

There was this museum there also.  I peaked inside and saw that it was a gem of a collection just like some of the others.  Oh it just tore me up that I couldn't explore but I didn't want to leave Beans out in the hot.  The nice lady said I could bring her in.  Gee, I just don't think Beans would enjoy it all that much.  Plus I couldn't really get into looking at things wondering what she was getting into.  
I promised the lady I would return someday in the spring or fall!

I did grab a shot of this bicycle.
Can you imagine riding that 1561 miles?

One overnight stop I heard a cat howling.  I found this starving old guy walking around.  Of course he would not allow me to get close and ran off.  I think he went down into this storm drain.  I left a can of Bean's food out, one she does not like - turkey.  Cow, Chicken, Fish, are fine.  Turkey NOT.
The next day I checked.  The can was cleaned out and I hope he got the food and not some varmint.
You can see the can pushed off of the cement into the grass at the left of the slab.

I've never seen a truck with this sign before.

Another overnight stop this guy pulls in.  The RV had Nebraska plates.  The Jeep had Missouri plates.
The trailer had Mississippi plates.  I so wanted to see what state his drivers license was.

Finally we made it to Colorado but we weren't done yet.
We had half the state to cross before reaching the Rocky Mountains.
And that half did not disappoint.  Near Lamar the outside temperature read 115 at one point.

Ahh....this is where we belong.
As I put together this post an afternoon thunder storm has rolled in.
This is the forecast for everyday this week - afternoon thunder storms.
Beans is happy.  I am happy.  We're so happy to be here.

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