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Wednesday, July 4, 2018


A new state for me.  They are all new for Beans.

We drove across the bridge out of Duluth, Minnesota to
 Superior, Wisconsin spending the evening there.
The next day was a longer than I/we would have liked drive but places to stay were few.  
We ended up in the small town of Ogema.   

They had a nice place to stay, good cell service and no bugs.

Beans and I went for a walk in the woods behind us.  Uh-oh, there's bugs!  
The infernal mosquitoes found us and we ran out.  
Gee, and I was hoping to stay here a couple of days too.

Well, there's the culprit.  Their breeding waters nearby.  How do these people live with mosquitoes?
On a good note, the distant church in town would sound it's clarion bells every three hours
 playing three little short songs.  It was very very nice to hear. 

About 15 or 20 miles away was

After a 300 yard walk uphill you were there.  That is an observation tower in the foreground you could climb.  That's more than 49 feet high so at the top you were now 2000' above sea level!  
I apologize. Its just that I'm from California and this wouldn't even qualify as a hill.
But you work with what you have.

Behind is a floor-less fire lookout tower.
Nope.  Couldn't go up in it.

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Karen said...

The town we live in now has a church that plays a medley of hymns at noon. Very nice while working in the garden.