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Monday, August 13, 2018

10 Requirements for a 5 Star Rated Campsite

I've stayed at countless locations but few meet the requirements that allow me to stay put for a length of time.  This one at Pass Creek, Colorado has.  I keep a log book on places I've stayed with notes and such and probably only a half a dozen are "favorites" which I would return to without hesitation.  
Here are the requirements and they are somewhat in order of importance.
1. Good cell service.  If there is no cell service I won't even go any further than the turn off from the main road.  I need the service to post on the blog, receive the few emails I do get, and check on the news briefly to see if we are at war with anyone or not.  Also weather updates which are important to know. I don't watch TV, Netflix or watch movies.  But I do watch a few YouTube videos of those like-minded nomads that I follow.  That is my only source of entertainment which I usually watch while having a meal.  They are short little 10 to 15 minutes videos, about the extent of my attention span.  One night though without service is okay and I've done that before many times and still survived.
2. FREE.  Not that I am not willing to pay for a camp but to stay for 10 to 14 days will set you back well over a hundred dollars, and to do that all year long well you can see how this would adversely affect the budget in short order.  And too, with pay-to-camp places they have designated spots for you to camp in which precludes items 3 and 6 below.  But some do have showers so that's a big plus and worthy the sacrifice of 3 and 6.
3. No one within sight or sound.  This one isn't crucial but does have a bearing on to how long I will stay.  Beans, as did Sinbad, preferred that no one is around.
4. Fairly level.  This is obvious for a number of reasons living in a motor home.  In addition would be open space so the solar panels can get sun at least part of the day to keep the batteries charged.  Full on shade spots in the woods won't do.
5. No bugs, especially mosquitoes.  I'll tolerate most bug conditions but if there are mosquitoes I won't even bother staying.  
6. Peaceful and quiet.  Most places are so this one isn't really a factor.  Probably the most pressing noise issue would be road noise which is dependent upon how close the camp area is to the highway.  Take here for instance.  It is probably a mile across the canyon to the highway but being in a canyon and the steep grade the traffic is dealing with there is road noise.  For the most part road noise does not bother me as much as it does others.  ATVs buzzing around back and forth, that is a whole other kettle of fish and may cause me to vacate sooner that planned.
7.  Nice temperatures.  70's and 80's are ideal and this one isn't really a factor either for I wouldn't be in the area in the first place if the temperature was crap.  This is why people choose this lifestyle.  They follow the perfect weather around the country.
8. A nice view.  Well when you are out in Nature it is most always a nice view. What makes it even better for me is if it is a wide open view where I can see for miles and miles.  This is one of the reasons I love being in the desert.
9. Access.  A good camp area scores bonus points if access to the location is via a good road.  I don't mind driving several miles on a dirt road but if it is washboard then I can only tolerate about two miles of that.  Any more it's not worth it. Naturally rough roads and those requiring high clearance are not a consideration.  
10. Litter and trash.  If the place has been ruined by those who have strewn litter and trash all about then it doesn't rate as a favorite spot to come back to.  I've been to really nice places that meet all of the above requirements only to be demoted due to the trash blowing about.  I don't want to be looking at rubbish every day.  In most instances this is the fault of locals so the close proximity of the free camp area to the nearest town has a bearing on this.  


Shammickite said...

You really enjoy your peace and quiet at these campgrounds. And you have your faithful Beans to keep you company. Cell service is important, not only for entertainment but for emergency contact if necessary.

Karen said...

this is a really pretty site, John, and I like your rating system. We recently found a really nice Vblogger....Dana Hollister. He's a photographer who takes some wonderful hikes. Vlogs are short, sweet, informative and full of gorgeous scenery. We always watch his new posts which he does infrequently. I think you might enjoy him, too.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Can't knock any of your requirements, I think most people would want them

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

It all sounds idyllic - makes me wonder why there aren't more people there.

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

Thank you very much for that Karen! I watched a couple of his videos and that is my kind of entertainment to eat dinner by. Thank you again.

Karen said...

You're so welcome, John. Happy Trails :)