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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Pass Creek

There are a lot of aspen trees mixed in with the forest 
of diseased and dead pine trees here at Pass Creek.
Thank goodness for that. 

How can one not love the beautiful white bark of the aspen?

Here is one that branched out into three separate trees.
Notice at the bottom how the old scarred bark takes on the appearance of a regular tree.

Then I found one that became four trees.

But this one here takes the prize as the most unusual aspen tree.

Early in its life this aspen was bent over by the weight of the snow.
This is referred to as snow bend in trees.

The leaves are shaped in a way that they seem to shimmer in the breeze.  Because of this aspen are called Quaking Aspen and as such is the state tree for Utah.  But aspen really come into their glory in the fall when the leaves turn golden yellow.  Huge groves of aspen in the fall is a sight to behold.


Tio Timoteo said...

Hi John, the bark on that second picture from the top looks like wall paper...amazing. I just watched "go further bug" take a tour of your rig from the 2018 RTR. I think your Winnebago View 23J is the best (for me) pre-made Van out there that is closest to my requirements. I'm considering buying an empty cargo van and building it out to get the most efficient use of space and reduce weight and only construct what I need but the scope of that project is a bit daunting to take on. My fall back would be something pre-made. Do you have a blog entry where you dedicate some time to explaining why you choose this rig and what you like and dislike about it...any modifications you have made (like the gas hose entry point on the back wall of the View). Could that platform on the back support a light weight motorcycle 300 lbs or less? Does the View seem to be well built and has the diesel been trouble free? I realize the focus of your blog is about your experiences and not your stuff so if this doesn't fit, just ignore and I'll find my info elsewhere. I would however appreciate greatly any info or insights you can share on this rig to a fellow "someday" nomad. Thanks Tim twhardman2012@gmail.com

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Beautiful trees. Like you said, in their glory when in fall color!

Tio Timoteo said...

Yes, I've seen the Colorado Aspens many times in September at their peak, such a rich and bright yellow with that deep blue sky background...just incredible! I hope to see many more, I can't get enough of it.

Karen said...

Couldn't tell from the pix, but often times the bent trunk of a tree indicates a survival of a landslide event. Could that have been the case here?

John W. Wall said...

In case you weren't already aware of this: https://www.outtherecolorado.com/colorado-golden-aspen-trees/

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

No, I did not know most any of that. Thank you for the link. And, there were only 4 cigarette butts. You’re probably right. The other 473 butts made it into the fire.