A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

It Finally Happened

Pass Creek Home

Deer watching.

She enjoyed this place so much.
There were no lizards here.  Too high elevation.  Too cold.
Never saw any mice either.
Grasshoppers were the only prey to chase after.

Hidden in the tall grass were little meandering streams which fascinated her.

There is one here well hidden in the grass.  
One day she went to leap across a wide spot that required two leaps.  
The first leap was right into hidden water!

An unhappy cat.
Legs and belly wet.
Wet cats smell.


  1. Ewww.. my toes are all wet! I don't like it. Dry me off, daddy, NOW!

  2. Poor beans, need to steer clear of the water

  3. MOST enjoyable ramble with your friend!

  4. She is not a happy camper! ;-)

  5. Life is full of unpleasant lessons that we have to learn. Poor ol' Beans!

  6. She was looking for some fish to catch. :)


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